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Top Ten – Elder Scrolls Weapons

Note: Most of my Elder Scrolls experience comes from Oblivion and Skyrim, so that’s the perspective from which this is being written.

10. Mace of Molag Bal

SR-item-Mace_of_Molag_BalThis mace is given out by the Daedric prince Molag Bal in Oblivion for provoking a pacifist into murdering you, and in Skyrim for beating and killing a priest (Molag Bal isn’t a nice guy). However, this mace is worth it, as it will attack the victim’s melee and magic capabilities.

9. Mehrune’s Razor

SR-item-Mehrunes_RazorAnother Daedric artifact, while this dagger may seem weak, it is devastating against any Daedra and armour, and in Skyrim it even has a chance to kill any target instantly. Handy to have as a backup.

8. Goldbrand

OB-item-GoldbrandYet another Daedric weapon here, Goldbrand features only in Oblivion this time, and is rewarded for competing in a tournament against every race in Tamriel. This sword holds the distinction of being the most powerful one-handed weapon in the game (Umbra has a higher base damage, but Goldbrand’s fire enchantment makes it a generally far more effective).

7. Dragonbane


The first non-Daedric weapon on the list now, and the Dragonbane, featuring in Skyrim, does exactly what you’d expect from a game filled with dragons, kills them good. Found in Sky Haven Temple, this Akavari katana will do an extra 40 damage to any dragons, and an extra 10 points of shock to anything else that gets in your way. Useful, even if you’re not fighting dragons.

6. Northwind


Another Akavari katana, Northwind is more or less a more conservative version of Dragonbane (though this features in Oblivion, not Skyrim). 20 points of cold damage to all opponents is no bad thing (frost damage being my favourite, just saying).

5. Volendrung


A weapon that looks absolutely demonic, Volendrung is the two-handed mace of the Daedric pring Malacath. While in Oblivion it drained health, paralysed and was a beast of a warhammer in terms of sheer damage, in Skyrim it was toned down a little, absorbing stamina instead.

4. Blade of Woe


This little ebony dagger starts out from humble beginnings, with no enchantments at all, but by the end of Oblivion’s dark brotherhood questline will be your go-to-melee-sneak-attacking weapon of choice.


3. Ebony Blade


Another ebony weapon, what can I say, they’re good. Ebony blade was good in Oblivion (absorbing health and silencing spell-casters), but it got great in Skyrim (absorbing more and more health the more people it slays).

2. Shadowhunt


Although it was a bit bugged, when it was working properly this bow was, for my money, my favourite weapon in Oblivion. Perfect for taking out foes at range in any scenario, it did extra damage to health and magicka, turned the undead, and applied a weakness to poison as well. Truly a great bow.

1. Chillrend


Seeing as I said my favourite Elder Scrolls element was frost, it should come as no surprise that this would top the list, a glass sword tinted pale blue as ice, instead of the usual stock green. While in Oblivion it was a perfect shortsword for most situations, dealing plenty of frost damage to take out anyone and anything (and being light and quick too), once again the weapon was beefed up in Skyrim, gaining the paralyse ability too. A must-have.

And it just looks so epic here in Skyrim.

And it just looks so epic here in Skyrim.

Any other weapons you think should have made the list? Let me know in the comments below!


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GTA V Retail Stats


In the wake of the biggest game of all time being released (not particularly an overstatement), here a few facts I’ve gathered up.

  • Highest production cost of any game to-date, costing £170 million / $265 million to make the game.
  • In its first day, GTA V made £499 million / $800 million in revenue.
  • In its first three days, GTA V made £624 million / $1 billion in revenue.
  • Within 24hrs, 1.57 million units were shipped.
  • Within 24hrs, made more money in revenue than the entirety of boxed retail games for the previous 2 months (UK).

If any of those facts are a bit off, let me know, but I think they’re right.

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Poll of the Week 18.09.13

Sunday Things 15.09.13

Greg Tito from The Escapist unboxing the Elder Scrolls Anthology.

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This may not be much of a coherent post here, but Pokemon!

I recently lent my copy of Pokemon Fire Red on Gameboy Advance to my girlfriend, in the hopes that she would enjoy it (she isn’t much of a gamer). This then made me start to reminisce about Pokemon myself, so I fired up the ol’ emulator and started a game myself! So, here are some pictures. Woop.

My very first battle! ^_^

My very first battle! ^_^

Could be a hell of a long fight...

Could be a hell of a long fight…

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Geodude doesn't stand a chance.

Geodude doesn’t stand a chance.

Neither does Onix.

Neither does Onix.

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