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Sepulchral Strength Deck Build

Sepulchral Strength, Golgari, Black & Green Deck


This black and green deck is, in my opinion, an interesting take on an all rounder build; it can fill most roles pretty well (creatures, creature removal, tokens), but has the added novelty of many of its cards growing in strength (green) as cards and creatures fill the graveyard (black). Here’s my personal build for Sepulchral Strength.

  • 4x Evolving Wilds
  • 2x Rancor
  • 2x Scute Mob
  • 2x Blood Artist
  • 2x Go for the Throat
  • 2x Viridian Emissary
  • 2x Maelstrom Pulse
  • 2x Troll Ascetic
  • 1x Yavimaya Dryad
  • 2x Yavimaya Elder
  • 1x Consuming Vapors
  • 2x Creakwood Liege
  • 1x Defense of the Heart
  • 2x Master of the Wild Hunt
  • 2x Mortivore
  • 1x Asceticism
  • 1x Bellowing Tanglewurm
  • 1x Drana, Kalastrian Bloodchief
  • 2x Lord of Extinction
  • 2x Spiritmonger
  • 2x Vulturous Zombie
  • 1x Gleancrawler
  • 1x Pelakka Wurm
  • 10x Forest
  • 10x Swamp

Total of 60 cards.

Here’s a brief rundown of the cards I’ve chosen. Pictures and specific card texts can be found here.

Evolving Wilds – Not even going to bother explaining this.

Rancor – A fairly weak but cheap aura, this card’s strength is ability to be attached to a creature that may well end up dying, and Rancor will end right back in your hand. A must-have.

Scute Mob – Another 1 mana cost card, this one a 1/1 creature. Once you have 5 or more lands during each of your upkeep phases, Scute Mob will get 4 +1/+1 counters on it. As long as you can keep it alive until then, this will quickly grow huge, in true green style. This card really is a testament to the thinking that a card doesn’t need to be costly to be powerful.

Blood Artist  – Lifegain may be this deck’s greatest weakness, so having anything to help you gain back precious life is more-or-less a must.

Go for the Throat – Your basic creature removal instant spell. Useful to get rid of those creatures you can’t tackle head-on.

Viridian Emissary – This is not a bad creature for 2 mana, and works perfectly as a chump blocker, as you can get a free land card onto the battlefield when it dies.

Maelstrom Pulse – Perfect for either taking out an army of tokens in one fell swoop, or taking out key enchantments or creatures that are causing you trouble. It is a sorcery, not an instant, but for 3 mana, you can’t argue with it.

Troll Ascetic – 3 mana for a 3/2 hexproof that can regenerate? Yep.

Yavimaya Dryad – This is only really a land fetching card, and in my opinion is the weakest card in the build. It’s still not too bad though, but could easily be swapped out for something like another Troll Ascetic or Go for the Throat.

Yavimaya Elder – Basically a nicer Viridian Emissary, unfortunately you’ll need 2 forests to play it, but it’s a solid, multipurpose card. It can attack and block (obviously), sacrifice to draw a card, or fetch 2 lands when it dies. Very nice.

Consuming Vapors – Forces your opponent to sacrifice a creature, twice. At worse you’ll be removing 2 creatures and gaining 2 life, and potentially much more life if your opponent is forced to kill something big.

Creakwood Liege – You should almost always play any card that is a liege. On top of giving black creatures +1/+1, green creatures +1/+1, it creates a 1/1 black and green worm token on each upkeep (which of course will be a 3/3). Must-have card.

Defense of the Heart – Not much needs to be said about this card. An easy way to get two big creatures into play, as long as your opponent can’t remove this.

Master of the Wild Hunt – As I’ve mentioned previously with cards like Intrepid Hero and Blood Cultist, I’ve underestimated this card for a while. Its strength is its ability to use the token wolves as kill-cards that you are willing to sacrifice.

Mortivore – This, like Lord of Extinction lower down, is a brilliant card, as it will get stronger as the game progresses and more creature cards enter the graveyard. Plus it can regenerate. Cool beans.

Asceticism – Gives all of your creatures hexproof and the ability to regenerate. This enchantment’s only downfall is that it itself is not hexproof, so can be targeted and removed. Still, not bad.

Bellowing Tanglewurm – This one allows most of your creatures to go on the offensive with the intimidate ability.

Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief – Flying creatures may be in short supply in this deck, so this legendary really is a blessing. With the ability to weaken an enemy and stengthen itself (effectively being able to remove other cards) is nice too.

Lord of Extinction – This is like a powered up version of Mortivore, as its power and toughness are equal to the number of all cards in all graveyards. More often than not he’ll be super powerful by the time he comes onto the battlefield.

Spiritmonger – He starts powerful, he gets stronger, he has regenerate, and can even switch colour if necessary.

Vulturous Zombie – Flying, and once again gets stronger as cards enter an opponent’s graveyard. A necessary card.

Gleancrawler – This is fairly self-explanatory. Keeps your guys on the field.

Pelakka Wurm – Strong, gain life, draw card, trample. Yep.


So, what do you think? I managed to cut it down to 60, finally.

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