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Sunday Things 26.01.2014

Lo and behold there is another new Skywind trailer out, this one entitled “Savagery“. While it obviously showcases some of the redesigned creatures, I’m guessing that the title is also a reference to the savagery of Morrowind’s landscape, with it’s barren rocks and brooding swamps. Take a look see!


Sunday Things 12.01.2013

Sunday Things 05.01.2014

Sunday Things 15.12.2013

Here is a trailer for Skywind, a crossover mod that recreates Morrowind by modding Skyrim. Take a look see at it here, Call of the East:

It’s currently in alpha, but looks promising!

Sunday Things 08.12.2013

Sunday Things 24.11.2013

There’s a new Air New Zealand promo video out. As before, it’s pretty darn/damn awesome:

Sunday Things 03.11.13

Sunday Things 27.10.13

Home Improvement

I’m surprised this video is only 14mins 37sec long…

Steven Ogg, Continuing to be Awesome

Guess who's who

Guess who’s who

Here is Steven Ogg, the infamous Trevor Phillips, indulging a fan.

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