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New Elder Scrolls Online Trailer – Arrival

I am if anything hesitant to put out so much information for a game I am not likely to get, but here is the new (long) trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online, titled “Arrival”.


Among showing lots of jumping around and stuff, it also hints at some kind of undead (maybe Draugr, maybe not), and a nice view of the Imperial City.



New Elder Scrolls Online PVE Footage

A nice video has been released showing some PVE combat and mechanics involved in the Elder Scrolls Online. Among the features shown are the need to fight certain enemies (in this case an overland boss monster that looks awesome) as a team, fast travel to group members and arena-esque combat, where Daedra come at you in waves. The video is played by Paul Sage (Creative Director), Nick Konkle (Lead Gameplay Designer) and Dan Crenshaw (Dungeon Lead).

This also comes alongside the frankly surprising news that the game has been deemed an M – Mature rating by the ESRB (i.e. 17+). Bethesda has released a statement saying that they do not plan to change the content of the game as a result of the decision.


Elder Scrolls Online Interactive Map


There’s more interesting Elder Scrolls Online stuff happening! Check out this link right here. Oh wait, not that one, THIS one. It lets you have a mosey on around some of the key areas in the upcoming game, along with bits of info and artwork to go with them. It’s well worth a look.

Elder Scrolls Online – Character Customisation

This video has just been released of how character customisation is going to work in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online, take a look see.

In particular, there’s a lot of emphasis on fine tuning the details of your character’s appearance, such as specific body types and tattoos. Looks good, right?

Elder Scrolls Online – Preview


Joshua Vanderwall over at The Escapist has got his hands on the Elder Scrolls Online, and reviews it here, take a look!

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