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Steven Ogg, Continuing to be Awesome

Guess who's who

Guess who’s who

Here is Steven Ogg, the infamous Trevor Phillips, indulging a fan.


GTA V Retail Stats


In the wake of the biggest game of all time being released (not particularly an overstatement), here a few facts I’ve gathered up.

  • Highest production cost of any game to-date, costing £170 million / $265 million to make the game.
  • In its first day, GTA V made £499 million / $800 million in revenue.
  • In its first three days, GTA V made £624 million / $1 billion in revenue.
  • Within 24hrs, 1.57 million units were shipped.
  • Within 24hrs, made more money in revenue than the entirety of boxed retail games for the previous 2 months (UK).

If any of those facts are a bit off, let me know, but I think they’re right.

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