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Peacekeepers Deck Build

Peacekeepers, Odric, White Deck


This is definitely one of my favourite decks in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. It’s a solid all-rounder, being able to pump out plenty of tokens on the one hand, and having enough removal to cope with trickier cards as well. Here’s my deck build.

  • 2x Doomed Traveller
  • 2x Elite Vanguard
  • 2x Honor of the Pure
  • 2x Journey to Nowhere
  • 2x Master Decoy
  • 2x Pacifism
  • 2x Raise the Alarm
  • 3x Squadron Hawk
  • 2x Attended Knight
  • 2x Crusader of Odric
  • 2x Fiend Hunter
  • 2x Glorious Anthem
  • 2x Intrepid Hero
  • 2x Oblivion Ring
  • 1x Safe Passage
  • 2x Captain’s Call
  • 2x Dawn Elemental
  • 1x Odric, Master Tactician
  • 2x Geist-Honored Monk
  • 2x Captain of the Watch
  • 1x Spirit of the Hearth
  • 1x Sun Titan
  • 1x Mass Calcify
  • x28 Plains

Total of 70 cards.

Now for a quick run-through of the cards (if you want to see the cards themselves, have a look at the Wizards page here) :

Doomed Traveller – A good card to play right from the start, if you can, for some quick damage. And by purposefully sacrificing him you can get yourself a flying creature token. Not bad for 1 mana.

Elite Vanguard – Nothing extraordinary here, just a solid way to deal some damage for 1 mana. I’d recommend both this and Doomed Traveller just to increase the deck speed.

Honor of the Pure – Considering that this deck can pump out a fair few 1/1 tokens, enchantments like this are a blessing, turning an army of weaklings into decent fighters, and decent fighters into powerhouses.

Journey to Nowhere – In my opinion, permanent removal is this deck’s main weakness, so putting in cards like this is a no-brainer. The exiled card is useless until your opponent can somehow remove Journey to Nowhere from play.

Master Decoy – If you’re not set up to deal with hard hitting enemy creatures soon enough, being able to tap them for 1 mana can really be a life-saver.

Pacifism – In general, this is a slightly weaker version of Journey to Nowhere, to be honest, in that while the enemy creature cannot attack or block, it can still use abilities and passive abilities (e.g. exalted) as it is still on the battlefield. However this deck really does benefit from cards like this, at least until you can play Odric, Master Tactician.

Raise the Alarm – A nice cheap way to get some tokens down fairly early. Better still, this card is an instant, so should you need some chump blockers you can quickly play them before an impending attack.

Squadron Hawk – Paying 2 mana for a 1/1 flying is not a great deal, however, you can search for your other Squadron Hawks when you play one, so if you have the mana, you can quite quickly get some fliers onto the field. At worst, it’ll take you three turns to play three 1/1 fliers. At best, if you have the mana when you draw the card, you can play three fliers in a single turn, and if you have played either Honor of the Pure or Glorious Anthem, you’re looking at potentially three 3/3 fliers in a turn, maybe stronger. It’s a big if, but to be honest flying is always nice, and this gets you a nice supply of them.

Attended Knight – 2/2 with first strike is quite nice, plus a soldier token while you’re at it is not bad thing.

Crusader of Odric – This is where getting all these creature tokens down starts to pay off. Power and toughness are equal to number of creatures you control, and considering that this is a token deck, this card can get real powerful, real quick.

Fiend Hunter – A decent blocker, that can take another creature out of play until the Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield. Similar to Journey to Nowhere, useful when you’ve got to remove an enemy beast of a creature, but with the added bonus of adding a decent blocker to your side.

Glorious Anthem – Seeing as using this deck I don’t believe there’s any way of getting non-white creatures under your control (maybe only in Planechase weirdness), you may as well think of both this and Honor of the Pure as, total, 4 enchantment cards that cost 2.5 mana and give creatures +1/+1. If you need to remove some enchantments, it goes without saying that this should go before Honor of the Pure.

Intrepid Hero – When I first started playing this deck, I dismissed this card as underpowered in terms of it being a 1/1. Now that I’ve started playing it, I’ve realised how much of a blessing it is. Let’s assume your opponent isn’t directly removing it; Anytime a creature your enemy controls gets just that bit too big (I’m thinking of green decks here), you can just destroy it. For free, no mana cost. Useful if your enemy relies on few, powerful creatures, or is using something to increase a creature’s power every turn, for example.

Oblivion Ring – I like to think of this card as Journey to Nowhere‘s big brother. Whereas the aforementioned card can exile only creatures, Oblivion Ring can exile any non-land permanent. Other than that it works the same. Given the choice, save Journey to Nowhere for creatures, and Oblivion Ring for enchantments and the like, although you may have to break that rule if your situation becomes dire.

Safe Passage – One of the few cards I have only one of in this deck build, which shows how useful it is. A classic “Get out of jail free” instant here, for when you’re expecting catastrophic creature losses or life-threatening damage to hit you.

Captain’s Call – There is nothing to say about this card. It plays three tokens down, which you can use to boost up Crusader of Odric or just as weak attackers or blockers in their own right. Nothing special, but a decent card to play. Shame it isn’t an instant though like Raise the Alarm.

Dawn Elemental – If you’re familiar with Fog Bank, it can be quite difficult to deal with creatures that cannot be “conventionally” damaged. However, this is one-up on Fog Bank, as it does not have the defender attribute (though you may well be using it solely for defence), so you are able to attack as well.

Odric, Master Tactician – If you have at least three other creatures able to attack with Odric, you may as well have won (unless your enemy can directly remove Odric, Master Tactician). You can choose how you opponent blocks! So maybe you want to just straight up damage your opponent, or maybe you want to get rid of an annoying enemy creature with a spell or passive ability that has been bugging you, so you can choose that to block one of your strong creatures. Essentially, when you’re on the offensive, you become in almost total control.

Geist-Honored Monk – A beefed up version of Crusader of Odric here, same basic mechanic, but with vigilance is a nice touch, plus an extra two flying spirit tokens. At best, you will have an overpowered creature capable of attacking/blocking almost anything. At worst, you’ll have a 3/3 with vigilance + 2 1/1 flying spirit tokens, with the potential to grow quickly (for example, by playing Raise the Alarm, it will be boosted up to a 5/5). Either way, it’s a good play.

Captain of the Watch – This card is essentially half-creature / half-enchantment. A 3/3 with vigilance is nice, an extra three soldier tokens is better, and having all soldier-type creatures you control (which is almost all of them) get +1/+1 and vigilance is gosh darn good.

Spirit of the Hearth – Useful against anyone that’s trying to directly harm you by circumventing your creatures, this essentially makes you (i.e. the planeswalker) have hexproof (someone correct me if I’m wrong on that).

Sun Titan – There really is little to say about this card. It’s a good way of getting a key card out of your graveyard which might have been untimely removed. It’s a good card. (P.S. It’s linked because it is available as part of a bonus ten cards for this deck which can be unlocked free from a promo code, so is not on the official Wizards decklist linked earlier.)

Mass Calcify – This is a panic button for late-game, if you find yourself overwhelmed, or if you want to wipe the board to allow a final attack. Needless to say, this is a very good card UNLESS you’re playing someone with white creature cards (i.e. Aura Servants, Celestial Light, Exalted Darkness, Mana Mastery, Grim Procession, Act of War, Collective Might, another Peacekeepers deck, or any deck that has stolen your creatures and is using them against you). That was quite a long caveat, but for most situations this is still worth keeping in the deck.


So! What do you think of my deck build? I know I may have 10 cards too many in there, but I can say from experience that it does work pretty well. Do you have any suggestions, or other builds entirely? Let me know in the comments below!

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