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E3: Sony vs Microsoft

First off, I’m leaving Nintendo out of this, because (a) at the time of writing they have yet to present, and (b) let’s be honest, it’s all about the PS4 and Xbox One (aka the Xbone). So, let’s get started.

Sony, PS4

Price: £349 / $399 / €399

This looks the bee’s knees. Sony seemed to be out to gain popularity over Microsoft on the things most gamers we’re looking for, such as no restrictions on second hand games and no always-online requirement, solidifying their statement of valuing consumer ownership and consumer trust. Check out this video from Playstation:

Other details included information on PS+, which, for current subscribers, will carry over to the PS4 automatically, and will entitle its members to one free game per month. The downside, however, being that one of what I believed to be the PS3’s main advantages over the Xbox 360 of free online multiplayer will only be available to PS+ subscribers (so I suppose it is similar to the 360’s current set up). With 140 games announced to be in development for the PS4 (and PS3 games becoming available next year), Sony’s presentation certainly could be called a success. Plus, they’re remaking Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Which is just awesome.

Microsoft, Xbox One

Price: £429 / $499 / €499

It’s a good job I’m allowed to be a little biased with this blog, because although I’m not a Playstation fanboy by any means, I felt that the Microsoft presentation didn’t cut the mustard. For a starter for 10, the Xbox One is £80 dearer than it’s rival, which will put off the more budget minded purchaser. However, this is countered to an extent by the inclusion of Kinect within that price, which if you’re into that whole thing does trump the PS4’s capabilities. A welcome addition is the Blu-Ray player in the Xbone, bringing it up to par with the PS3. On top of that there were some pretty decent games announced, such as Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, MGS5 Phantom Pain and Battlefield 4, which definitely boosted the Xbox’s rep in the conference. And speaking of Battlefield 4

But I suppose that these things are inevitably going to happen.


In short, from my standpoint both consoles look pretty strong, each with their own advantages over their competitor, but the PS4 stole the show. How did you guys think the two respective giants’ presentations went?

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