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New XCOM DLC, Enemy Within trailer

The new DLC for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, called Enemy Within, has just been glimpsed in this here trailer.

Scheduled for mid-November release, it looks like you will be able to beef up your soldiers either through cybernetics or biological mischief. What do you guys think?


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

2013-08-25_00001Another game from Firaxis and 2K, but not Sid Meier this time, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a tactical shooter from the same people as the previously reviewed Civ V. A good way to think of XCOM is that it is like Civ V, but with Aliens and with a big ol’ underground base, and with squares instead of hexagons.

Gameplay revolves, once again, around ordering your units about, placing them well and upgrading them. As your guys get exp, they will specialise into a few classes, such as snipers, support and heavies. You’re tasked with saving civilians, general alien killing and a bit of saving humanity while you’re at it.

2KGMKT_XCOMEU_SCREENS_PCUI_ChangeElevationOther than that, the rest of the game is spent in your underground lair base building new facilities and researching new techs to repel the alien invaders. You’re also in charge of positioning satellites around the Earth, and responding to specific alien invasions to help reduce panic around the world.

Clearly, I wasn't great at this.

Clearly, I wasn’t great at this.

What are your thoughts on XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

First released: October 2012; Published by 2K Games; Developed by Firaxis Games

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